You don’t need to be a guitar guru to play great Blues.

You can accomplish a great deal on the instrument and have a lot of fun at the same time by taking a hard look at the fundamentals of great guitar playing. When you nail the little things, big things happen.

Start Small.  Build.

Blues Guitar Institute takes a ground up approach to learning acoustic blues.  Brick-by-brick, we can build a solid blues picker.

My mission is to give you tools to improve, guide you on your journey and ultimately help you get through…

…the times when you’re so lost, you don’t know what to work on next,

…the months (or years) of noodling around that somehow seem to move you backward,

…and get you enjoying the process of learning great blues.

What I Do

To help make that happen:

Every Tuesday morning, without-fail, I publish a free video lesson in a series called Tuesday Blues. These no-fluff lessons are focused, to the point and have helped thousands improve their playing.

BGI is at the center of a community of acoustic blues pickers just dying to get better. Free members are given TAB files to go along with each Tuesday Blues lesson.

Above all else, I create high-quality and in-depth online courses for those who have joined BGI as a Premium Member. These pickers receive top quality guitar instruction as part of the membership with a new course published every month.  Perhaps most importantly, Premium Members have access to the heart of the community: the forums.

Each of these ingredients…

…the training,

…the tools,

and the community are mixed together here at BGI to create something really unique. A global meeting place for those crazy about acoustic blues and committed to learn this strange beautiful music of ours.

How to Follow Along

If the idea of becoming a part of the community of pickers and learning some cool things on the guitar fires you up, then I strongly encourage you to sign up and become a member of BGI.

I recommend starting as a free member to see what BGI is all about.

Who I Am

I’m John Hatcher, the founder of Blues Guitar Institute.

If I don’t have a guitar in my hands, I’m either drinking a great cup of coffee or actively seeking one out.  I’m a fan of great music of just about any genre (no disco, can’t go there) but the blues has my heart.

I started playing guitar at a relatively young age and when I did, I dove head first into all the hard rock and heavy metal songs that I could. A funny thing happened after a few years of playing Metallica, Clapton and Led Zeppelin songs. I started wondering who influenced these guitarists.

I started peeling back the years and ultimately arrived at a core group of blues players from the turn of the 20th century who influenced just about everything that came after them.

Guys like, Son House and Robert Johnson are on that list.  Blind Boy Fuller and Blind Willie McTell too.

Ever since that realization (and the first time I heard Clapton play Hey, Hey!)  I was hooked on the blues.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey and I hope this page helps answer any questions you may have about what I do here at BGI. But, if I’ve left anything out, feel free to reach out and ask.  The best way to to that is to head over to the Contact Page and send me a message.  I’ll do my best to get back to you as soon as I can.

Hope to see you around BGI,

John Hatcher
Founder, Blues Guitar Institute