Want to play better blues?

Tired of not getting better no matter how much you practice?

If you are struggling with these crippling issues, you’re in the right place.

There is no secret, no magic bullet, no special sauce to becoming a great guitar player. It takes practice and knowledge.

Tons of both.

So, what should you practice and what should you learn?

I’ll share my tips for effective practice and I’ll breakdown useful bits of music theory that will help you play better.

Plus I’ll show you some cool blues licks along the way.

Sound good?

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Meet John Hatcher

Blues Guitar Institute was founded by John Hatcher. John is an avid blues fan and a lifelong guitar player.

After playing with several rock bands, he’s refocused on his true passion: great blues.

You probably wouldn’t call him a guitar guru. But, he is on a mission to find what it takes to be a great blues musician.

Join him on his journey. Along the way, you’ll pick up some great guitar lessons to help you become a better blues player.

A better guitar player.

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