2 Cool D7 Licks to Get Back to the A Chord

Lesson ID: TB139

In this lesson, we’ll develop your ability to transition seamlessly between the D and A chords with two sweet lick ideas.

In Lesson #138, we built a series of licks in A that really helped you travel the neck.

The “A sound” happens in many different spots on the neck and you need to be confident moving around the fretboard while maintaining the A tonality. The best way to help that, is to really focus on A.

Take Lesson #138 for a spin if you haven’t already. Then, take things further and just jam on your own over an A chord at various spots on the neck.

But as fun as a one-chord jam is, after a while, you’ll be begging to switch chords.

That’s where today’s lesson will come in handy.

In this lesson, we’ll take a look at 2 cool licks that will help you smoothly transition from D to A (and back).

You’ll learn:

  • How to play a bluesy lick in D that leads you to an A chord
  • Why an A bass sounds perfectly good over the D licks
  • How to alter that lick for a slightly different sound

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