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Want to supercharge the CAGED System? Take the 5 common chord shapes and leverage them into bluesy 7th chords and the minor pentatonic scale.

I hated CAGED system at first.

I couldn’t see the use for it.

Now, I could see that each shape was moveable. But, the fingerings were clunky at best and dang near impossible at worst. Plus, I never encountered three of the shapes in the music that I played.

However, at this point in my guitar journey, the fretboard confused me endlessly!

So, I gave in and took the time to dig into the 5 CAGED chord shapes and practice them and that’s when it it me…

The real magic of the CAGED system isn’t those clunky chord shapes. Thank goodness!

No, the magic is that it is an extremely effecient system to organize everything on the fretboard.


Chords, scales, arpeggios.

Even my beloved and bluesy 7th chord shapes and the mighty minor pentatonic scale patterns.

In this lesson, we’ll supercharge the CAGED system by leveraging the shapes to play bluesy 7th chords and generating licks with the nearest pattern of the minor pentatonic scale.

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