3 Tips to Help You Craft an Amazing Blues Solo Now

Lesson ID: TB156

In this lesson from Blues Guitar Institute, we’ll cover some important tips to help you craft a blues solo.

This month’s Tuesday Blues lessons have been focused on topics that help you make music. We’ve covered some cool stuff, but nothing is as important to guitarists as the solo. Let’s face it, a great solo is probably what caught your ear and pulled you to pick up the guitar in the first place. It was for me.

The problem is that there seems to be a lot of mystery in crafting a great solo. Solos seem to pour out of Clapton and SRV but for most of us, a good solo takes work. But there are some things you can do in your playing to help you develop a great solo.

In this lesson, we’re going to cover three very actionable tips to help you craft a great solo.

You’ll learn:

  • How to control the intensity of your playing
  • Effective use of call and response licks
  • A great way to tease out a chord change

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