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Fingerstyle Blues Roots

Legendary players like Blind Blake, Charlie Patton and Robert Johnson pioneered fingerstyle blues guitar by playing bass lines, chords, and melody simultaneously as a solo performer. Learning fingerstyle can be challenging but if you break down the fundamentals into bite-size chunks, you can get your fingerstyle technique up to speed fairly quickly. And that’s exactly how and what John Hatcher’s Fingerstyle Blues Roots will do for you.
John Hatcher is a very popular and highly successful online guitar educator. TrueFire students voted him TrueFire’s Next Top Guitar Instructor out of a field of hundreds of applicants. We’re very proud to welcome John to the family with his first TrueFire course, Fingerstyle Blues Roots.

”I have a bit of an obsession with acoustic blues players like Etta Baker, Keb Mo and Blind Blake. I can trace this obsession back to one song: Eric Clapton’s version of “Hey, Hey” by Big Bill Broonzy. I spent months trying to get my rock and roll fingers to play that tune. But eventually, I nailed it. I believe that good guitar playing comes from starting small and simple. Over time, all the small things will add up to something big. With Fingerstyle Blues Roots, we’ll focus on those small things and brick-by-brick, build a solid fingerstyle blues foundation.”

John organized the course into three sections. In the first section, John guides you through 10 key fingerstyle concepts and techniques: Dead Bass Thumb-picking, Alternating Bass Thumb-picking, Brush Up, String Snaps, Common Country Blues Chords, Common Country Blues Forms, Blues Turnarounds, Using ii V I in Blues, Shuffle Rhythm, and Triplets.

In the second section, you’ll work through a series of four finger picking workouts that’ll help you build thumb control, finger independence, and picking coordination: Picking Workout: Level 1, Picking Workout: Level 2, Picking Workout: Level 3, and Picking Workout: Level 4.

In the third and final section, you’ll dive deep into 4 rootsy fingerstyle blues performance studies. John will first perform the arrangement study and then break it down measure-by-measure, explaining the underlying techniques and harmonic approach.

”We’ll start off with a 12 bar blues in A with lots of classic sounds and couple of modern twists. Next, we’ll cover a punchy blues tune in E with lively percussive elements and a tasty turnaround. In the third performance study, we’ll pick our way through a ragtime blues in C. And finally, we’ll advance our alternating bass technique over an 8 bar form with a snappy melody and one of my favorite flashy licks.”

All of the key examples and performance studies are tabbed and notated for your practice, reference and study purposes. You’ll also get Guitar Pro files so that you can play, loop and/or slow down the tab and notation as you work through the lessons.

Grab your guitar and let’s play some fingerstyle blues with John Hatcher!

What You Get

Courses are interactive video software available on the TrueFire app for Windows or Mac computers and iPads. Features include multi-angle video lessons, slo-mo, looping, automatic updating, full screen, plus:

01:44:30 Run Time (31 .MP4 Files)
Charts (18 .PDF Files)
Tabs (18 .GP5 or .PTB Files)

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