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  • Frank - ON, Canada
    I took up the guitar 6 years ago - at age 65. Discovering BGI on the internet was a pivotal event in my learning to play. Every week I looked forward to a new and exciting session. Over the years, my strumming improved, as did my timing and my chording. While I’ll never perform on stage, John has provided the instruction necessary for me to feel comfortable playing with my friends at house parties, around the campfire or by the pool. It has been such fun.
    Frank - ON, Canada
  • To me there is but one great guitar playing genre in this entire universe: acoustic blues. When you really think about this, everything stems from this pure sound and feel of playing unaccompanied with the assistance of nothing else....not even from an amplifier or's just you and what you can master or even just conjure up on your trusty acoustic guitar. There is simply no other site or course out there but Blues Guitar Institute I've found that dedicates itself to this absolute blast of a style of guitar playing. A very dedicated John Hatcher of BGI embraces this classic great style of guitar playing but then lifts up everyone into another cool level efficiently opening up the fret board and using all our senses all the time introducing us patiently to ever more challenging styles and advanced techniques on guitar. John's lessons are always a blast that consistently make me find myself inventively jamming on even after completing each lesson. It's like having a close friend hand over a great new toy and discovering new ways to expand upon it and incorporate into our own playing.
    Jim C - TX, USA