2 Sweet Micro Licks in Open G

Lesson ID: TB175

In this lesson, we’ll have a look at two super sweet micro licks in Open G Tuning.

Remember Micro Licks? These are the quick little licks that can serve as building blocks for longer, more developed musical ideas. But, let’s be honest, they sound pretty cool on their own too.

The Micro Lick concept doesn’t just apply to standard tuning and standard playing. I find myself utilizing these handy little guys in open tunings while playing slide as well.

In this lesson, we’ll cover two very useful little licks in Open G Tuning that will help build your slide guitar vocabulary.

You’ll learn:

  • Two Micro Licks
  • How to Use Licks to Cover the Chord Changes
  • How to Use These Two New Micro Licks in a Longer Lick

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