MICRO LICKS: The Ultimate Guide to Doing a Lot with a Little

Your blues doesn’t have to be complicated to be powerful.  It just can’t be boring. Great guitar isn’t boring. You can become a great guitar player by getting excellent at the little things.So, If you’re looking for a few ways to spice up your acoustic blues – try this mini course on MICRO LICKS.


The idea behind MICRO LICKS is simple. Start small and keep at it. This is the recipe for becoming a great guitar player.The MICRO LICK method makes use of super short and ultra bluesy licks that are both easy to learn and incredibly fun to play.The blues is full of short reusable licks like these and the first step is to build yourself a nice little war-chest full of these little dudes.

Get More Mileage from Your Licks

The next phase of the MICRO LICK method is to learn to use the licks you’ve collected in cool ways.

They’re great as stand-alone licks, but you can get more mileage out of these licks by learning to change the key of the lick.

This course will show you how to move a lick into any key.

Linking Licks for Big Results

After you’ve got a few quick licks under your fingers, the real power from these little guys comes when you start linking the licks together to build longer licks.

This is where it gets fun.

Take any short three or four note lick and match it up with another short lick. Mix and match as you like to put your own spin on things.

The Lessons

The Secret to Becoming a Good Guitar Player + The Train Whistle Lick

Hammering Third MICRO LICK: Spice Up Your Blues with 4 Notes

Another Easy Acoustic Blues Lick in E: Zeros and Three

How to Transpose an Easy Blues Lick in 4 Steps

Linking Licks: How to Build an Acoustic Blues Lick from Simple MICRO LICKS


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