Movable Finger Picking Pattern

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Movable shapes help you get more mileage from the chords you already know and they help you get comfortable playing all over the fretboard.

Before too deep into the lesson, it’s important to take a minute and talk about a few things that are helpful to understand.

What is a Movable Chord Shape?

Movable chord shapes are chord fingerings that can be moved around the neck to play different chords without changing the fingering.  What I like about using movable chord shapes such as the D7 shape shown in this video is that, it’s pretty easy to work through an entire chord progression just by shifting around the fretboard.

Lesson Notes

In this lesson, you’ll begin to really expand your basic Piedmont Finger Picking Pattern. If you haven’t gotten the basic picking pattern down yet, check out these few lessons:

The pattern that I introduce in this video is important for a couple of reasons; 1) this little finger picking pattern is in many of the staple Piedmont and Country Blues songs and 2) because this relies on a movable chord shape, you can use this exact pattern to play over any chord and therefore in any key.

Check out the video for a quick little ditty and if you’re not seeing the video above, click here to watch the lesson on YouTube.


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