Piedmont Blues Lesson | Part Three – The Breakdown

No one wants to be bored.

Well, sometimes that sounds appealing to me. For a break. But no one wants to be bored listening to music.

In every song, blues or not, there’s a point where things need to be changed up a little.  In songs, we have the bridge (or Middle 8 for my UK friends!) to changes things up a bit.

You can apply this to a long progression too.  To keep things interesting in our Piedmont Blues progression, we have bars 9 – 12 which really have a stop-time, break down kind of feel.  It’s great for a change of pace.  And let’s be honest – you’ve been working hard for the first 8 bars and it’s a nice break!

How to Play the Breakdown in the Piedmont Blues Progression

Check out the short video to give you a little insight on the breakdown.

Watch on YouTube | Grab the TAB – PDF | Guitar Pro

Next Step

Next up, the last four bars of the progression. Then the cool stuff starts.  I’ve you’ve gone through each of these lessons and taken them step-by-step, you should have built a solid foundation in this progression.

Remember that key point?  Don’t bore your listener?  Well, another way to keep things interesting is to add a little style.  A little flash.

The fun stuff.  So stick around!

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