Plug N Play Blues #2

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This is the second video in the TrueFire Next Top Guitar Instructor 2015 contest.  If you didn’t catch Lesson 1 of Plug N Play Blues, be sure to get up to speed before continuing with Lesson 2.  These lessons build heavily on one another.

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Plug N Play Blues, Continued

In this lesson, we’re going to reach back to the very beginnings of BGI and revisit MICRO LICKS.  Using the rhythm learned in lesson 1 of Plug N Play Blues, we’ll begin plugging in a few different MICRO LICKS to really make this rhythm part shine.

The trick about acoustic blues is learning how to play fluidly.  By that I mean, you need to really work on your ability to switch in and out of rhythm and lead parts.

This will improve with time, but I highly recommend focusing on a lesson like this one and working with a metronome.

The metronome never lies.

It will help you get a sense of when your rhythm to lead switch is in time and when it isn’t.

I hope you enjoy this lesson and I hope you’ll join me for lesson #3 where we turn things up a notch with a study of turnarounds.

See you in Lesson 3!


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