Slide Guitar Tips: How to Learn Slide without Throwing Your Guitar Out the Window

Slide Guitar Tips

Full Disclosure:  I am not a seasoned slide guitar player.

Though I have worked hard at improving my slide technique, I feel like I have so much to learn.  Over the years, a heady mix of blind luck, ‘ah-ha’ moments and a few broken pieces of furniture led me to a few nuggets of wisdom.  I would love to have known some of these when I was first getting started.

I’d like to share these little slide guitar tips with you.

If your bouts with slide guitar have resulted in the following:

  • Throwing your guitar down a flight of stairs;
  • Cursing the guy who plays better slide with a beer bottle than you do with a “real” slide;
  • Complete slide abandonment followed by extreme bouts of blues withdrawal and immense shame

…then please check out this short video.  Maybe you’ll pick up a thing or two to get you on the right path.

What you will learn

  • How to get a clearer tone from your slide
  • Where to ‘fret’ when using a slide
  • Whether to use a heavy or light touch with your fret hand
  • How to tune to Open G

Coming Up

Take some time and digest these tips and get ready for the next slide guitar lesson where I show you a cool little lick in Open G.

Until Then, Keep Slidin’!


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