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  • Here’s a Few Quick Exercises to Help You Nail Alternating Bass

    Lesson ID: TB105

    Great finger picking blues guitar happens when three main areas of your playing fall into place. The beauty and the challenge of solo finger picking guitar is getting these three elements to come together. So what are the three elements? – Bass line– Chords– Melody In this lesson, we’ll work to bring all three into […]

  • Must Know Scale for the Guitarist That Hates Scales

    Lesson ID: TB096

    What one scale is responsible for launching more guitar music than any other? If you want to play guitar and hate scales, this is the one scale that you should know inside and out. Ask any guitar hero. The minor pentatonic scale just simply can’t be ignored. Entire careers have been built around the minor pentatonic scale. In blues […]

  • Introduction to 7th Chords for Blues Players

    Lesson ID: TB042

    The importance of 7th chords for the blues cannot be understated. The very heart of the blues is rooted in these chords and any guitar player seeking the soul of the blues needs a deep understanding of these chords. Like many things here at Blues Guitar Institute, we start from the core concepts and build […]

  • I Wish I learned All My Scales This Way

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    Scales confuse me. Well, they did for years. I understand the do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do stuff. Mainly because of that silly song from that movie I was forced to watch in the 3rd grade. You’re singing it your head now aren’t you? Yep. I worked the Sound of Music into a blues lesson. Ha! Back to scales, there’s […]

  • What Every Guitarist Should Know About Roman Numerals

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    I’ve never really considered myself a mooch. I mean independent types like myself frown on that kind of stuff. But it struck me just now that maybe I am. A mooch. But in my defense my ‘moochishness’ is pretty well limited to getting amazing amounts of free stuff from my good buddy Will. Let me explain. […]

  • 5 Great Blues Songs to Learn While Getting Started

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    When I started learning to play guitar, it seems that everyone from my homeroom teacher to my little league coach was telling me who their favorite band was and what songs I needed to learn. “You’ve gotta learn Freebird!” was the collective refrain from the well-meaning South Georgians of my hometown. But what about the […]