major scale

  • Guitar Scales: Are You Practicing This Way?

    Lesson ID: TB257

    It’s easy to get stuck in boxes and patterns on the fingerboard. In this lesson, we’ll take a look at 5 different ways to practice the major scale to help you break out of box patterns. First, let’s have a look at the basic 3 string “box” pattern that is most likely the first major […]

  • Are You Over Complicating the Guitar?

    Lesson ID: TB256

    Are you over complicating the guitar? I’m certainly guilty of this at times.  In this lesson, we’re going to cut through the distractions and build each the seven chords in a major key.  It’s easier than you think but it helps if you know the names of each note on the fretboard. The Mother Scale […]

  • Learn How to Leverage Chord Shapes with This Technique

    Lesson ID: TB159

    In this lesson, you’ll learn a cool way to leverage chord shapes that you already know by attaching a scale pattern to the chord. Scales and chords are different. But same. They come from the same place and if you meld the two together, you can really start to see improvements in your licks. Whether […]

  • Long Version of the Minor Pentatonic Scale

    Lesson ID: TB030

    Practice this long version of the minor pentatonic scale to help break out of the pentatonic box patterns and move more freely on the neck.

  • Mix Major and Minor Pentatonics Like BB King

    Lesson ID: TB004

    When you hear BB King, you absolutely know it! Part of his unmistakable sweet sound is his ability to weave in and out of major and minor pentatonics at just the right time. The lick we cover in this lesson mimics some of BB’s prowess in blending both the A Major Pentatonic and A Minor […]

  • I Wish I learned All My Scales This Way

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    Scales confuse me. Well, they did for years. I understand the do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do stuff. Mainly because of that silly song from that movie I was forced to watch in the 3rd grade. You’re singing it your head now aren’t you? Yep. I worked the Sound of Music into a blues lesson. Ha! Back to scales, there’s […]

  • Is Your Blues Playing Missing This One Key Element?

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    From Rock to Blues As a rock and roller turned blues junkie, some things that should be in my blues playing, well….aren’t. The most notable of which: Using Thirds! As a rocker, particularly of the power chord strummin’ bashing variety, I love the big fat sound of a root fifth chord. These chords, better known as […]