How to Play the Chord Changes in a Blues Solo

Lesson ID: TB129

In this new lesson from Blues Guitar Institute, we’ll continue building a Texas blues style acoustic solo.

The solo break can be a scary place – especially when you’re playing by yourself. It feels intimidating for sure. I mean there are so many notes on the fretboard, some of which sound absolutely horrible when played over the chord you’re working with.

Just when you think you’ve got a nice note over a chord….

You guessed it, time for a chord change.

In this lesson, we’re going to look at a solo break played without any accompaniment and we’ll play our solo right through the chord changes.

You’ll learn:

  •  Why an A bass works over the D Chord
  • How to shift positions strategically on the neck
  • The snappy lick that really brings out the D Chord

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