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The Reason Why You Should Know Your Arpeggios

Lesson ID: TB160

In this lesson, you’ll learn the reason why even blues players need to know a bit about arpeggios.

Metalheads, shredders, virtuosos….those are the only guitar players that need to know about arpeggios, right? Honestly, I used to think so. I struggled to apply the rote memorization of arpeggios to my playing as a blues guitarist. But some really cool things started to happen when I learned what arpeggios are and more importantly, how to use them.

You may not use arpeggios to tear up the fretboard like Yngwie, but a blues player can certainly gain a lot from studying arpeggios.

You’ll learn:

  • The basics of chord construction
  • The forumula for a dominant seventh arpeggio
  • How to Play a Cool Arpeggio Based Progression

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