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Fretboard Foundations, Part 1: The Three Most Important Intervals

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Learn the basic building blocks of the fretboard, intervals. We’ll focus on the learning the most important 3 intervals and how to play them anywhere on the fretboard.

Why You Should Learn Musical Intervals

In music, an interval is the distance between two notes.

Each type of chord is built from a specific grouping of intervals. For example, major chords are made up of specific intervals, such as a root note, third, and fifth.

Scales are also constructed from a specific pattern of intervals.

Do you need to learn intervals in order to play the guitar?


You don’t need to know intervals to make sounds come from your guitar.

But, if you want to actually understand what you’re playing and why it sounds the way it does, then you should spend some time to learn the basic musical intervals.

Intervals truly are the bedrock for understanding your fretboard.

In this lesson, we’ll cover what I consider the three most important intervals: The Octave, Major Third and Perfect 5th.

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