Guitar Technique: How to Snap a Bass String

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There are few things bluesier on the guitar than snapping your low bass string at just the right time.

It’s raw. It’s mean.

And it is a guitar technique that you should definitely spend some time with if you want to play some blues.

Watch the Video to Learn How to Snap a Bass String

In this lesson, we’ll take a look at an example lick that really features this technique. It takes surprisingly less attack than you think.

Check out the lesson to get a pretty detailed look at how to produce this sound as well as pick up a sweet little MICRO LICK on the bass strings. Learning how to snap a bass string at just the right moment will add one more layer of dynamics to your playing.

This snapping business is really just one more way to emphasize a note (propeller-head music nerds would call this dynamics).

Remember to use any guitar technique sparingly. While you can get away with this snapping sound quite a lot in Blues, you don’t want to over play your hand.

Doing so would risk losing the magic of the snap.

You don’t want to lose your snap, do you?


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