Take Your First Step Toward Freedom on the Fretboard

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In this lesson, we’ll cover the most important reason for leaning the note names on the Fretboard and I’ll show you my method for memorizing the entire Fretboard.

Freedom. It’s something we all yearn for on the guitar, no? We want to zip up and down the neck knowing exactly how to get the sound we want from the guitar. But the problem is the grid of strings and frets represents a kind of maze of good tones and bad ones. Knowing scales and chords are certainly a great way to cut down on the possibilities, but the absolute first step toward freedom on the guitar is to learn the fretboard and the note names at each fret.

In this lesson, I’ll show you my method for learning the note names all over the neck

You’ll learn:

  • The real reasons you should learn the note names
  • The 5 steps to memorizing the notes

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Does your fretboard seem like an impossible maze?

Take your first step to fretboard freedom with this step-by-step plan to learning the neck.

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