II-V-I Progression in the Turnaround

Lesson ID: TB167

In this lesson, we’ll add some sweet fingerpicking to the II-V-I turnaround at the end of an A Blues.

Knowing the blues framework inside and out is a must if you want to pick great blues tunes. Knowing the commonalities among many blues songs, like the 12 bar blues structure for instance, really helps you memorize less and understand more. The rub is that you can’t get stuck in a framework. We have to color outside the lines every now and then to create something great.

Using the II-V-I progression in the turnaround of a blues tune is a great way to wake up your Blues tunes. In Tuesday Blues #167, we’ll step outside the lines for a moment with smart use of the II-V-I progression.

You’ll learn:

  • How to play a slick turnaround utilizing the II-V-I technique
  • How converting a would-be major chord to a dominant 7th chord makes all the difference

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