What Would Stevie Do? A Low E Blues Lick

Lesson ID: TB097

Jam night. Bar 10.  Only 2 bars left.

What’s a lead guitarist to do?  Classic turnaround?  Nah, already did that.

In this split second, you ask yourself the all important question…

“What would Stevie do?”

End With a Bang with this SRV Style E Blues Lick

This lick works great over the final  2 bars of a standard 12 bar blues progression, especially a shuffle.

It’s played nice and low using the E blues scale and features some quick and rhythmic legato.

Nail This Lick

This lick features quite a bit of open string legato which adds some snappiness to the lick when you get the timing of the hammer-on / pull-off combos.

The key to nailing this lick is to make sure each and every note is played clearly, even the legato notes that aren’t picked.  Your hammer-ons and pull-offs should ring just as clearly as if you had picked the note.

Put it to Work

So next jam night (whether in front of a crowd, your dog or just the stereo) try this quick SRV Style E Blues Lick to wrap up a 12 bar progression.


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