2 Picking Techniques for Better Acoustic Blues

Lesson ID: TB172

n this lesson, we’ll combine two picking techniques into one nice little bluesy package that delivers a big, lively sound.

Imagine you’re the musician hired to play a house party. No band. Oh, and it’s 1933 and all you have is an acoustic guitar.

You’re probably going to instinctively play your guitar in such a way that the folks in the back can catch a groove and dance along.

Luckily, there are certain picking techniques that can really help you get more volume and energy from your guitar and we’ll combine two of them in today’s lesson:

Brush ups and String Snaps.

You’ll learn:

  • A Cool Percussive Strumming Pattern
  • How to get the String Snap Sound
  • How Combining Brush Ups and String Staps Adds Punch to Your Blues

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